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Virtually is the brand name of Archway Medical Centre’s online consultation service. When you register through Virtually you will be registering with Archway Medical Centre whose address is 652, Holloway Road, London N19 3NX. It is an NHS GP Practice registered with the Care Quality Commission​ ​

Your data will be controlled by Archway Medical Centre and is held in three ways:
– on their clinical system EMIS
– in their module on this platform
– on NHS paper records known as a Lloyd George folder​

You can obtain copies of any of your records by calling Carole Hubbard, Assistant Manager of Archway Medical Centre whose direct line is 020 7561 5856 or calling the patient support desk on 020 7263 8380. You may prefer to use the form “Request your medical records” in the administration section of your dashboard.

We provide high quality ethical care to all kinds of patients

We are a full service NHS GP practice, with no restrictions on which types of patients can register.
We provide high quality ethical NHS primary care to people of all ages every day, whether you are in good health or not.

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